Undertale & Deltarune Pins

  • $14.00

Only 37 left!

Napstablook from Undertale and Ralsei from Deltarune are here to fill you with determination!

✧ Napstablook is 1.75" Wide Ralsei is 1.75" Tall!

 Dark-blue space on Napstablook and Ralsei's flame are glittered!

✧ Napstablook is Nickel-Plated Hard Enamel 

✧ Ralsei is Gold-Plated Hard Enamel

✧ Two rubber backings 


Colors may vary between your monitor's colors and the physical product.

All pins on our shop are standard grade. Due to the hand-made properties of our pins, there may be very slight imperfections even in common standard grades. Please check our FAQ for more info on the quality of our pins.

We aim to ship out every 2-7 days, however certain events may interfere with our processing and shipment time. Please read our FAQ for more info on our shipping and handling policy.


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