COVID-19 Info

Hey everyone! Here are some updates regarding the pandemic and how it's affecting our business. Please keep the following in mind when you place your order:

Processing Times

We are operating on a slower-than-normal schedule which is shipping out packages every 4-8 days. This is due to a current influx of orders and inquiries.

International Shipping Times

Please expect a very extended shipping time with a late delivery date, which can be 2-3 months after the initial shipment of your package. Unfortunately, due to the changing conditions, we can no longer guarantee any arrival time of your package. International packages (non-US) will not be considered lost until 3 months after their initial shipment.

Domestic (U.S.) Shipping Times

U.S. packages MAY or MAY NOT arrive on time due to the postal carrier USPS being overwhelmed by current events. At the moment, delayed tracking updates and slower transit are common. Please wait 14 days after the last tracking update before contacting us about missing packages.

In-transit Package Issues

We at Reddachi are committed to shipping on time and assisting with mail-related issues to the best of our ability. However, please note that we do not control the postal system; once we ship out a package, it is completely out of our hands and now dependent on a third party to get to its destination safely and promptly. If you have a problem with a package in transit (eg. tracking not updating), please contact your local postal system first, as they would be the best qualified to assist you. For other steps you can take, please take a look at our FAQ.

If you have any questions, please email us at
Stay safe!