When will I receive my product(s)?

We aim to ship out our orders at least once a week; however this varies depending on current events that may interfere with on-time shipping.  

Events that will delay our order processing times:

  1. We are at a convention or vacation. In this case we will make an announcement on our store banner and social media!
  2. When there is a sudden rush of orders. This usually happens during a new pin sale or special sales event.
  3. Traumatic things beyond our control, such as hospitalization, a pandemic, ailing postal system, or the world ending.

Current estimated arrival times after an order has been shipped:

  • United States: 5 days (on average) -  30 days (very latest)
  • Canada/Mexico/Puerto Rico/U.S. Outer Islands: 15 days (on average) - 60 days (very latest)
  • International: 30 days (on average) - 90 days (very latest)

    NOTE: We will not consider a package to be lost until it is past the latest time for your country in this list. From our experience, there are times in which a package will arrive 3 months later at its destination despite not showing updates in tracking - this is especially the case if you are in South America, Africa, Asia or Australia. Please do not order from us if you cannot accept our terms.

The tracking says "delivered", but my package isn't here.

Please try the following: 

  1. Call your local post office to check its whereabouts. They would be the most qualified to help you!
  2. Ask your neighbors and people living with you if they know where it could be.
  3. Check all areas of your property, the package might have been thrown/swept somewhere.
  4. Wait a few more days - sometimes the postal service will mark it as "delivered" even before the package leaves the post office.
  5. If you still cannot find your package and you believe it's stolen, you may have to file a missing mail report directly with USPS. If you need extra info to aid with filing a report, feel free to contact us.


    My package is lost / the tracking hasn't updated for several weeks.

    Please note that while we do our best to ship your package in a timely and secure manner, we do not control the postal system. Once a package is shipped, it is out of our hands and now up to a third party to deliver it to the correct destination. Please contact your local postal system (USPS if you live in the United States) as they are the most qualified to help you if your package is lost.

    We may be able to help you with reshipment once it is considered "lost" according to our policies. We cannot reship an order if it gets lost a second time. Please note that we do not consider packages to be lost until the following number of days since the most recent tracking update:

    • United States: 30 days
    • Canada/Mexico/Puerto Rico/U.S. Outer Islands: 60 days 
    • International: 90 days 

    In our experience, tracking updates have almost always updated suddenly after receiving none for several weeks. If you are an international customer, it is common for your package to stop receiving updates once it has left the United States. You may suddenly receive your package at your doorstep after months of inactivity. If you want the most accurate answers as to where your package is, please contact your local post office first as they would be the most qualified to help you in this case.


    I forgot to include an item in my order / I ordered the wrong item.

    Please email us at as soon as possible with your name, order number and the items you'd like to change or add. Unfortunately, we cannot remove items once an order has been placed. We strongly recommend you contact us about editing your order instead of placing multiple ones and paying shipping multiple times.

    I placed multiple orders, can I combine shipping?

    Yes, we can combine orders as long as they have not been shipped out yet. You must let us know by emailing us at as soon as possible. Please include the order numbers in your message. Unfortunately due to our system's setup, we cannot refund any shipping that is paid twice. If you have forgotten any items in your order, we highly suggest you email about updating your current order to include said missing items.


    I received the wrong product/ I received a damaged product.

    Please send us a photo of the incorrect/damaged product along with your name and order number within 7 days of delivery to We may be able to send you a replacement of your product (this only applies to severe damage, not superficial specks or scratches in the product that is generally unnoticeable). If the replacement package does not reach its destination for any reason, unfortunately the customer must place a new order.


    I put in an incorrect address after it's been shipped out.

    We can only change addresses for an order that hasn't been shipped out. If it gets returned to us, we can resend it if the customer repays for shipping. Otherwise, the customer must place an entirely new order.

    Can you put a lower value amount on the package for customs?

    No, this is illegal and we do not want to get in trouble with the authorities. Any international package will have their contents' exact values reported on the shipping label.


    Will you cover any extra/unexpected international customs or VAT fees?

    No, we are not responsible for any and all international customs fees. The customer is the sole person responsible for covering custom fees associated with their own country. We will not refund any part of the order or shipping if a package is returned to us due to unpaid customs.

    Due to new VAT policies coming to effect on July 1, 2021, all U.K. and E.U. customers will be required to pay a VAT fee to retrieve their packages from their country's customs office. Reddachi is not responsible for covering any and all VAT fees. Please read here for more information on VAT and how it will affect your purchasing experience at our store.


    Why won't you ship to my country?

    Please check this page!